Motion: Expenditures in the European Union

For the European Democrat Students Council Meeting in Rome, Italy by FMSF Sweden. RESOLUTION: Council Meeting // Rome, Italy // 29th November 2014 Expenditures in the European Union »Every misspent tax fund is a theft from the people« - Gustav Möller, Swedish former Minister of Social Affairs Citizens and companies alike, who would otherwise have kept their hard-earned money for their own use, fund the public sector. It is therefore imperative that tax-payer funds are not spent in a wasteful or inefficient manner. Apart from being disrespectful towards taxpayers, waste offers an opportunity cost - as…Läs mer

Resolution: LGBT in Russia

RESOLUTION: Council Meeting // Ghent, Belgium // 28th of September 2013 »LGBT in Russia« Legal restrictions on open discussion  In June 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed into law a ban on "propaganda of non-traditional relationships". This law is the apex of the Russian state's attack on Human Rights and the Freedom of Speech of the Russian people. The law expressly forbids any "propaganda" regarding LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people, their rights and their very existence, in any form whatsoever which can be accessible to minors. In reality, this means every single media outlet available. Russian censors will…Läs mer

Motion on the SwedLit, Swedish – Baltic power cable

Motion to the Nordic Conservative Student Union (NKSU) by the FMSF, Sweden. The motion was adopted at the NKSU Annual Meeting in Lund, July 12, 2009. Since a few years back there is a plan to link the integrated Nordic energy market to the Baltic States through an underwater power cable from south-eastern Sweden to Lithuania (SwedLit). This project has been sanctioned by governments on both sides of the Baltic Sea and will hopefully be reality in a few years. The main aim of building the cable is to promote trading between Baltic…Läs mer

Motion: Stop State Controlled Internet Censorship

For the European Democrat Students Council Meeting in Trier, Germany Presented by TK Finland, FMSF Sweden, HSF Norway and LCYU Latvia Adopted by the NKSU (Nordic Conservative Student Union) Council in Helsinki on 5th of October 2008 On first of January 2007 Finland, under a central-left government at that time, joined the questionable company of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands becoming the fifth EU state to date to instate a state controlled Internet censorship in legislation. In order to stop spreading child pornography in the Internet the bill gives the National Bureau of…Läs mer

Motion: The Baltic Sea and pipelines

Motion to the EDS Summer University, Malta, July 15-20, 2008, by FMSF, Sweden. Adopted by the annual meeting of the FMSF, May 30, and the Nordic Conservative Student Union (NKSU) June 1 2008. For the past few years the plan to construct a pipeline for natural gas from Vyborg in Russia to Greifswald in Germany, by the consortium Nordstream, has been known and discussed. The final decision whether the pipeline can be built or not has not yet been taken The Swedish government plays a key roll in the process at the moment.…Läs mer